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September 2017

Henley Round Table

Henley Round Table is sorry to announce that over 50 years of charitable activities is coming to a close as the group ends its operations.

September 7, 2017

This will mean that they will not be holding the annual charity fireworks display this year near Swiss Farm as well as the Father Christmas sleigh in December.

Founded in 1958 the group has run the fireworks, Christmas sleigh and May Fair for many years and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years which have gone to support local charities in the area. The group will continue to support the annual Christmas Party for the children of Bishopswood Special School at Phyllis Court.

The group does still have charity money to donate to local causes and would welcome anyone getting in touch to request a donation by emailing

If any charitable group or operation would be interested in running the fireworks or sleigh in future then Henley Round Table would be able to help with introductions.

The members would like to particularly thank the people of Henley and the surrounding area for their support over the years as well as the numerous local businesses that have contributed and sponsored their activities.