About us

Henley Round Table – No. 600


Founded in 1958, we are active local members of the Henley community plus our ‘extended family’ of around 60 friends and ‘retired’ Tablers. We meet every second Tuesday of the month in Henley.

Ask 10 members of Henley Round Table why they joined and you will get 10 different answers. It is initially the social side, getting out of the house to do something different once a fortnight.

Then the real attraction of Henley Round Table goes beyond this, because once you are involved, there is a mixture of respect, banter and belonging which does not exist elsewhere.

We are a not-for-profit organisation run by ourselves for ourselves.


We organise several fun events each year within Henley and then give the profits to local causes, these events include:



GIVE AND GET BACK – What Is In It For Me?

Henley On Thames Round Table offers

  • New experiences and activities
  • New local friends and contacts
  • New life skills to help your personal and professional development
  • New opportunities to really contribute to your community
  • Discounts at multiple high street and online retailers

join-usGET INVOLVED – How Do I Become A Member of Henley Round Table?

There are no barriers regarding political, religious, occupational or marital status and the only qualification is to be male, over 18 and under 45.

Get in touch with one of our members below and join us at the next meeting which are held every second Tuesday each month.

Nick Woodthorpe, Chairman

Rob Romans, Secretary and Press

George Thomas, Website and Social Media

Nick Fox, Treasurer

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