Cycle pub crawl

August 10, 2014
Pub cycle

“The wettest, darkest, craziest cycle ride in living memory” said Tore. It had started so well…

Six of us met on Friday in high spirits, keen to ensure the summer didn’t slip by without sneaking out of work early one Friday and pottering around the nearby village pubs supping beer in the sunshine.

The first drop fell just as we were congregating on Greys Road. Undeterred, we set off into the countryside apace searching for our first hostelry. After a very memorable stop at the “re-opened” Lamb at Satwell, George was banned from making any further pub suggestions. Enough said. Rain, beer and laughs flowed as we paid enjoyable visits to the Rising Sun, Cherry Tree and the Unicorn – where Rob showed off his pint glass balancing mastery.

balancing pints

By this time the rain was falling heavily and we set off down Dog Lane eager to sit down for a hearty meal at the Maltsters. Equipment selection and rider skill was called into question as Tore’s crank fell off, George’s road bike found the mud heavy going, Ronan’s choice of footwear (flip-flops) proved foolish and Robin took a trip over the handlebars!

Nursing our wounds we arrived at the Maltsters to a terrific warm welcome from Peter and team. As usual, we were spoiled with service and great food and Peter even ferried the walking wounded back to Henley while the rest of us made our way home with rosy cheeks, full stomachs and some unforgettable memories.

Until next year!

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